Two Months Ago..

Yes! It was two months ago when Maysa, my Samsung desktop computer, was infected with viruses and caused her to have audio output device problem. But that unexpected event was still fresh for me and still unforgettable until now. Smiley

Though I’ve done the most important thing to do every time there is a necessary techie overhaul for a computer — to backup my pc, but I still forgot to backup one thing, the bookmarks of my browsers. I said browsers because I am currently using four different browsers for my blogging works and other online materials. But I totally forgot to do it and only realized it when Maysa was already well after her more or less 4-hour confinement and reformat at her tech clinic.

I should have backup my pc!

Those were my words when I found out that I got my browsers bookmark menu and tabs anew and empty.

That incidence has really brought me to be very alert and ready always because I realized that even how updated your antivirus and anti-malware software are, they could still be badly infected and win by malicious and bad viruses online and offline. The virus which infected Maysa came from M’s laptop when he borrowed my external drive and inserted it on his laptop and inserted back to my desktop.

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