Benro Tripod for Canon EOS 60d DSLR Camera

It is more than a week now that I have bought Deborah, my Canon EOS 60d DSLR Camera a Benro Tripod. Though I’ve told myself not to accessorize more and as what M kept on reminding me, I still can’t get over of making her (Deborah) useful as she could.

Benro Tripod

..with my Benro Tripod

I was actually sporting for any best tripod brands for DSLR cameras that could carry camera loads as much as 18 lbs. (pounds) or 8 kilograms. I went to different camera shopping stalls and shops in the malls and even checked from online stores, but nothing could offer me what I looked for in an affordable rate but only this Benro tripod I am having now.

This Benro tripod could carry as weighty as 18 lbs. Asking me why I chose this? It is because I am still thinking of owning a telephoto zoom lens for Deborah, as what I have mentioned in my previous post.

Hopefully, I could maximize the uses of this tripod as well as Deborah even though our classes in medical school is soon to resume.

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