Customized T-shirts for Me

I am a t-shirt person and I love to wear it whenever I go out. I have quite a handful of shirts in my closet. I don’t collect, I just love wearing it. They are comfortable and can never go out of style.

image from Google images

I have seen custom t-shirt at that is very cool. What is good about it is that I can have my own design and put any print on it. I used to host an online contest where I gave out t-shirts to the lucky participants and I had to order them and have them shipped to the winners. Now, I am thinking of getting a few shirts or I am planning of hosting another giveaway where the winners can choose their own design for the custom t-shirt. That would surely be fun.

Anyway, t-shirts are always a cool thing to wear, they are always in and never out, whatever the season it may be, summer, spring, fall and even winter. I think it is the most basic clothing every man has. T-shirts come in different sizes, shapes and styles, but no matter what, they are still, for me, the most comfortable clothes to wear. I can go anywhere with t-shirts, and best of all, they make me feel good.