To Be An Event Photographer — Wedding Photographer

Since I hooked at learning photography, and with my Deborah, my Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera, being an event photographer — a wedding photographer, to be specific, is what I’ve always wanted to become.

Canon Eos 60D DSLR Camera
Trying out Deborah, my Canon EOS 60d DSLR camera

I don’t know but I just want to capture myself those very emotional and memorable photographs I could ever treasure. And I think, those can only be perfectly clicked during every wedding event.

However, sometimes I feel like such desire is not realistic, by far, for me this time. Things are not flowing on the same waves I wanted them to be. For instance, I have received invites to attend weddings, not being part of the entourage but just to practice taking wedding photographs along with my other wedding photographer friends. But of course, aside from my schedules, the thought that I was not personally invited to attend the event hindered me to grab those memorable opportunities to do wedding photography.

Thence, I told myself that maybe, being a wedding photographer is not for me. I oftentimes lose the grip especially when I encounter emotional hindrances in achieving what I dream of becoming to. But somehow, I still hope and try that I could do good in wedding photography, not really that being a professional one like those wedding photographers hired and contacted from any Minneapolis wedding planner, but at least I still can perform best. Not to mention, they really provide superb and hard-to-forget wedding images.

With my eagerness to learn, I opted to just settle for books, magazines and available online uploaded videos of tutorials and other information about wedding photography. I didn’t the enroll summer photography classes which I and a friend first planned to do on the 2012 summer. I didn’t push through with that plan because of some very personal reasons.

Moreover, I was able to buy two (2) photography books from Canon and a number of photography magazines, both local and international issues. Even before I bought those materials, wedding photographs always stun me but it did shook me up more when I saw one of the photographs of Shelley Paulson, a wedding photographer from Minneapolis. One of her wedding images was featured in a column of the magazine labeled as Wedding photography MN. That image was really amazing. And I just wish I could take photos like those someday.

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