Golf, a Challenging Sport

I guess, one of the sports that I don’t really understand that much is golf. I know that one has to hit a small golf ball with golf clubs and as much as possible shoot the ball into a small hole that is within a distance. Now the hole is not that big, just enough for the golf ball to get through and since it is within a range, the golf player must have perfect vision and the right technique and skills to make that one shot.

The world knows one person who can do this amazing shot is Tiger Woods, the youngest and probably the richest golf player (in his time) around. He was loved by the golf world for his precision and finesse in playing the sport. But I guess when his scandals took over, he also became the center of sports news and all.

Anyway, golf is considered as a millionaire’s game. With all the expensive accessories, apparel and exclusive membership to golf clubs and elite country clubs, not all people can afford to play this sport. But even though there are not so many golf players in the world, many are still interested to learn this sport and the number of enthusiasts is growing by the day.

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