House Cleaning on Sunday Afternoon

I was supposed to attend the first Sunday mass this morning, but right after I took a bath, I was bothered with my tummy crumbling terribly bad. So I decided not to go else where then. I just stayed at home this morning. But boredom really sucks so I opted to do some household chores. I actually clean the house, but not the whole place; only the living room and the kitchen.

House Cleaning (image source and credits)

While dusting the window slides, I noticed that our curtains were already colored gray which were supposedly white. Just then, I remembered, it was more than six months ago since we changed curtains. Haha! But don’t blame us, pretty please, we are just too busy to do household chores. We are all medical students living in this place — indeed, a very busy medical student.

Thence, I thought of installing window blinds so to limit dusts to cling on the curtains and as well as from the direct sunlight. I don’t know if this is a clever idea, but this is what I could think of the best solution for now. Can you suggest any? The fact that we cannot clean the house as often as we could, maybe an interior stuff for homes should be installed then.