New Chair at Home

Just to let you know that up until now, I am still looking for a housemate to occupy the second room here in our apartment. As I have mentioned before, this building is composed of three bedrooms and we are just yet two medical students occupying here. And for us to somehow lessen our bills, we need one more medical student to stay and live with us here. We prefer female medical student.

For now, while I am still waiting for that lucky lady to be our housemate here, I am thinking of beautifying our place. What do you think? Aside from that, I am also planning to add more furniture here for at least the living room will be looking ambient and more conducive to stay at.

What can you say about this Round Linen Swivel Chair below?

Round Linen Swivel Chair

This is an armless swivel chair. I found this really cool and very suited for the color of our living room’s paint. For the full specs and price of this chair, you may check and click here.