Saving With Cigars

Hey hey hey! Don’t freak out! This is not the cigar that one pops. This is rather a cigar coin bank.

Since I was a small kid, if I am not mistaken, at the early age of 8, I already had my own bank savings account. I used to save and deposit my extra daily allowances. I even had my time deposit when I aged 10.

Now, that I am at this age — having a lot of things to work for money, I still need to have my own savings for at least, at any time that I am needing any finances, I have my own spare money to back myself up.

The image above is my small cigar coin bank. I still have one large cigar coin bank here. I have decided to open this coin bank after a year of saving 5 and 10 peso coins on this bank. On my next post, or maybe on my money blog, I will share how much I have saved on this small cigar coin bank of mine.

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