After Belt, Straps Are Next!!!

Many said I don’t know how to wash manually (by hands) my own clothing especially those big ones. Even some of my classmates who happen to be housemates before could attest that.

One time, when I and a classmate shopped at a thrift store, we bought a lot of party dresses. Of courses, right after we shop, I opted to wash them all by myself. I didn’t notice not until I was about to wear the dress that its belt was gone. Thence I remembered, when I was washing the clothes, I was able to flash the belt together with the water washings in the bowl.

But that thing didn’t only happen once, but just recently, when I was washing my undergarments, a pair of strap of my brassiere was also flashed down to the bowl.

Bra Straps

Oh gosh! I need to buy new belt and bra straps for my two garments just because of I flash those stuff down.

See? Who would say that I am expert in washing own clothes? LOL!