Bluer than Blue

It is just a part of the lyrics of the song titled Bluer Than Blue by Michael Johnson. I don’t feel like singing the song nor listening to it this very moment. But literally feeling and suffering from it now.

bluer than blue

It is actually more than two months now that I am feeling emotionally down. And as what the song and the lyric means, bluer than blue, being deeply and intensely depressed. Yes! That is what I am struggling until now.

One might see me going somewhere — smiling and happy but that is only a coping mechanism as what our teacher in Psychiatry taught us about patients suffering from depression. Of course, I don’t want my life to get crippled by these devastating environment I have, so I am trying to fight for this by merely accepting and learning from these experiences I am having now. These are the only thing I am pretty sure very helpful for me.

But I only have one question, until when will these things get over?

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