Broken iPad 2 Cases

My bad!!! Two of my iPad 2 cases were broken and I just noticed them this early morning. These two ipad cases were both just recently bought in Cebu City before I moved in here in my new place. Definitely, they are still supposed to be in good and working conditions because I just moved in here a week and half ago.

I don’t have any plans to buy new iPad cases this time. I don’t, personally and honestly, have enough budget allotted for new cases but because of what happened to my iPad cases, I don’t have any choices but to have new one now.

So now, I am hooked to get the leather iPad 2 cases. I want both black and red cases. Since I want two, a friend of mine suggested to better buy the wholesale iPad 2 cases for me to get a lesser and discounted price. Wow! That idea didn’t slide into my mind but having that advised, I might have a try of that. But I want also to check for the silicon iPad 2 cases since M suggested that kind of cover and cases for my iPad. He has once have seen a very stylish and fashionable-looking silicon cases which he thought were very suited for me and surely, those will be of my choices of cases too.

Maybe, I need to do canvassing first of the prices of the two different iPad 2 cases before I will really decide which is which. Hopefully, I could get the best of the best cases.