Rhinitis, Sinusitis Due to Air Pollution

I arrived in Pasay City at around 8:00 o’clock in the morning. While plane’s descending and about to land, I was looking at Metro Manila from the airplane’s window, I first thought it was yet around 6:00 o’clock in the morning because the area was looking so foggy. And when I was about to ride on a cab, I realized it was smog which I saw earlier.

Comparing the quality of air in Cebu City and Metro Manila, I could somehow say that the former has a lesser air pollutants than here in Metro Manila. There, even in as early as 5:00 in the morning when I go out and jog, my rhinitis and sinusitis won’t attack and kill me to death. But here, in Metro Manila, even my migraine secondary to sinusitis which is triggered by rhinitis is almost always causing me a bad day. The quality of air is not really that good and it’s not advisable, I guess, to move out from the house in the morning especially if smog is very visible.

Since I will be staying here in Metro Manila, though I don’t exactly know until when, I am thinking of installing an air purifier in my room.

The air purifier I’ve shown above is what I’ve found from Rabbit Air. Aside from its processes made in purification of air, I am hooked at their different colors which are very stylish and suitable for any wall paper designs and styles.

But off course, I still need to consult this to my mom before I will have decide on what to do next. Hopefully, if this will be installed in my room, at least, the quality of air I am breathing will increase and expect that my rhinitis and sinusitis would be lessen as well.