Bed & Bath Décor for Teens

It can be a challenge raising kids, especially when they become teenagers and seem to grow a few inches overnight. That’s when you need to replace the bedding with extra long twin flat and fitted sheets. The good news is that there are some great jersey knit sheets that have even more “give” in them so kids can keep covered and comfy while sleeping.

Teenagers also seem to want to spend an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom grooming to the point where you may even need to consider clearing out bath and powder room cabinets to create more space for the myriad of products they consume. There are some ways to work around the bathroom situation, especially if it is a shared family bath. One good idea is to invest in some plastic totes and shower caddies which each child can use to ferry toiletries back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Another space saving solution is to install some sort of tower storage system in the bathroom to utilize every inch of space – there are some corners units that can really hold a lot of stuff; many are designed as tension rods and can be installed with no tools at all. If you don’t already have a hamper in each bedroom it’s a good time to start. Hampers are incredibly handy plus by having one in each bedroom you can free up floor space in the bathroom and hallway. Ideally you can work on getting the kids to take the hampers to the laundry room; this makes laundry management much easier.