Extra Ear Piercing, NO MORE!

For how many years since I was in college, just a month ago I personally decided to remove my extra ear piercing. Hence, Extra Ear Piercing, NO MORE!

Extra Ear Piercing, NO MORE!

 The image above was taken on June 16, 2012 during our medical and dental mission. I was just so glad that on that very moment, my classmate took a photo of me where my piercing on my left ear were emphasized. And telling you guys. that was also the last day which I wore all my extra ear piercing.

You might want to know how many extra ear piercing I have; it’s not too much but for a lassy, many said it is. I have four (4) extra piercing. All in all, I have six (6) piercing in my two ears. Two of which, those in my right ear, were located at the helix of my ear.

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