I want POCKET WiFi!

With the advancement of technology we are having today, I guess, I am just the only only one being left behind. If you didn’t know it, my iPad 2 do not have a 3G capability specs. It only allows internet browsing through WiFi connection. Hence, I could not connect to my online life without any WiFi ranges available.

When I saw my classmates handing their-selves with their own pocket WiFi, I was really envious to them and thought of wanting to have my own as well. They are all connected and could browse the world wide web anytime. But me? I still need to endlessly scan for WiFi available and that is FREE to use.

Now, I am eager much to buy myself a pocket WiFi. Hmf! But upon sporting one online, they are all costly and I honestly can’t afford it unless I need to save and trim down my daily expenses which is very difficult thing to do.

Can you give me a piece of advice? Pretty please!!!

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