Alone on August 2012 Long Weekend

I feel the world so unfair today. Today is the start if the long weekend for the month of August 2012. This long weekend is until the Twenty-first (21st) of August 2012. That means, two (2) more non-working holidays will be celebrated.

August 2012 Long WeekendAugust 2012 Long Weekend (image source:

However, as what I have mentioned, I felt it is so unfair to think of this long weekend because all of my siblings were gathered already at home. Only me who is here — distantly, physically unable to feel the heat of the long weekend with my family. And because M has work also, perhaps I am alone on August 2012 long weekend.

For now, I could not thin of anything to do but maybe to sleep. I will try to catch up those missed hours of sleep from the previous months. Though I can’t fully take all those back, but at least, I have two or three days to take some rest and free my mind from any school stuff — at least, for now.

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