Considering Online Backup

Learning from the lesson I got from doing something with my Phobtobucket account, I now want to be very vigilant and proactive. Because of that incident, I have lost the images that I have uploaded in my Photobucket account and can no longer retrieve them. That gives me the heads up and a big warning sign, to always have alternatives, such as anĀ online backup. I have never thought that it would happen to me, doing things that will hurt or make my blogs suffer definitely made me feel so aware of what I do every time I tinker with my blogs.

I have definitely considered getting an online backup of all my files, blogs and other important documents. This will for sure help me in cases when there are accidental deletions or when retrieval of important files is very necessary. I know it will cost me some amount, but knowing that I get the assurance that my files are safe and secure and have extra soft copies, it will all be worth it.

I do not want to experience getting banned again or losing all my files just because I did something. I do not have the luxury of time to dig up all the images and files, so I better arm myself with the proper thing to do.