Does Dental Care During Pregnancy Count?

Dentistry and pregnancy don’t seem to have to do anything with each other at first glance. Dentistry is popularly associated with improving one’s looks, or at most with improving one’s personality in general. Pregnancy, on the other hand, brings to our minds an image altogether different—one soaked with emotions for the new guest to the world. One would suggest a pregnant lady to have proper and nutritious diets; take care not to undergo excessive exertion; and so on. But nobody is generally going to suggest mothers-to-be to be careful about their dental glasgow health.

Dental health has wider implications

But popular propositions and beliefs often fall against the science, particularly when it comes to health. Cosmetic dentistry Glasgow, and dentistry in general, are being entirely redefined these days. The wider and, in a sense, better term is oral health. A healthy mouth is considered to be the key to an overall improved health. To your surprise, oral health has to do with even the healthy functioning of heart, if we go by the latest searches in the field of medicine.

If we peep a little deeper into the issue, the association of oral health with the overall health is through the blood that connects the tissues and cells of different organs of our body in a dynamic and ‘real time’ manner. It won’t take more than a few minutes for  bacteria entering the bloodstream from mouth to reach any of the vital organs including heart, kidneys, liver and

Bacteria in uterus—it stinks!

So, here we get the key to understanding between oral and uterine health. An unhygienic mouth can cause harms to the baby growing in your uterus. Your mouth is the prominent organ of the body that is exposed vulnerably to outside environment and substances. And the foodstuff logged between your teeth can easily invite lots of bacteria in no time. The oral bacteria that develop on trapped food between the teeth can be potentially harmful to cardiac muscles of mother as well as that of the growing child in the womb.

Each strain of bacteria or other microorganisms has a predilection site in the body. It is the part organ or tissues in the body where these bacteria most comfortably grow and cause potential damage to the part. When we say that bacteria of oral origin do affect cardiac muscles, it doesn’t mean that those don’t move to other parts. Blood is a continuous medium that flows fast enough to spread any drug, substance or germs throughout the body. But the predilection sites are the target areas of the body that are preferred by the germs to grow on.


As is evident from the above description, which is actually only part of the relevant information for the pregnant women about their health, that they should pay an equal attention on their oral health and hygiene than anything else. Visiting to glasgowsmileclinic online and offline should be part of their regular health checkups.

Author Bio: I am a professional writer. Health is my favorite niche to write on. It gives me satisfaction, as I realize people are directly benefited through reading such informative stuff on health. My quest to understand the mystery of body is also fulfilled through this course of researching, skimming, and then writing.

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