How to create your own music library free

Music is the soul of life. It can act as a healer in pain, source of inspiration when you have an uphill target, helps you sleep when you are restless and a true companion in highs and lows of life. With advances in technology now you can have your own collection of songs at your disposal. You can create your own music library and store innumerous songs for various moods.

All you need is a computer, internet connection and an external storage space if the memory required is too high.

Find a legal source of songs

There are several sites on the internet from where you can choose and download songs. It is necessary here to note that you should always download songs from websites which allow legal downloading. There are a number of free downloading platforms which allows legal sharing and downloading of songs and videos. Another option can be to borrow collection of songs from your friend and save them in external storage device. You can again save them to your computer and improve your collection.

Applications that can help you

You can find a number of free applications on the internet which can help you in organizing and maintaining your personal music library. Software like MP3 converters, burners and cutters can help you in making the best use of these tools to make a customized collection of songs. Have you ever wondered how DJs can do wonders by mixing songs? All thanks to these software. With the help of these applications you can convert music files in the format you want and play them on your player.

Compartmentalize your memory space

Making compartments in your memory can save you from the trouble of searching a song from piles of files. Instead you can store them in different folders according to the name of artist, genre and albums. You can also create a special folder for your different moods. For instance you would want to listen to inspiring and powerful numbers when you are working out or some slow numbers just before you decide to sleep. It saves a lot of time and with a single click you can listen to your favorite numbers.

Maintaining the library

For creating a rich library you need to update songs every now and then. For this you have to keep looking for the new tracks that are released. Also important is to remove duplicate songs and unwanted songs from time to time. However you can do it manually, but it takes a lot of time. Some software can help you in scrapping out the unwanted and repetitive songs. Software can also help you in getting the right album art for tracks.

Creating your own library is a fun job. Software like Free Mp3 Converter can help you in creating and maintaining a rich library without having to pay any money.

Author bio: The author is a part time blogger and professional DJ. He often uses software like MP3 converter to make his collection of songs. He loves to write on topics concerning music.

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