Remote Backup Server for My Blogs

I should say, I am not a techie person. Yes, I do blog and most of the time, I am the one managing them all. But the hosting and other more techie stuff of my blogs, admittedly, I have no idea more than the thought that my blog sometimes gotten lost, error viewing it and the like.

After I experienced a lot of data loss the past blogging years, a lot of my friends recommended me to use remote backup server. As what they told me, it serves as a storage or server of all my online data. So if and only if any of my blogs crash in no time, at least, with the remote backup server, I still can recover my blogs.

Remote Backup Server for My Blogs (image source:

However, honestly, I do not earn much of what other bloggers earn in blogging. What I am earning from blogging is just enough to suffice my month bills on internet connection, electricity and other personal things. So basically, getting my blogs a new and extra server online is another burden for me in terms of payments.

What I am just doing now is manual storage and backup of my blogs. So far, this manual backup of blogs works for me. It is much cheaper and favorable for me.

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