Technology and Letter Writing

In these days of email and text messaging, formal letter writing has affected the way how to write a business letter.

Although I am pretty sure that the basic structure is still taught in schools but the technological age seems to have greater influence to the dwindling quality and sometimes really awful letter writing. So when you start making your own business letter or should I say even just a formal letter, one rule is very clear that you must not make a generic letter to your entire recipient and if ever you should then make sure to review it and that it goes to the right person with the right content.

Funny to think, but this is such true in many situations when you come up with a generic letter. And if that happens, your letter recipient would think that you are not showing any respect for you don’t give particular care of the content. Always remember that when writing a formal letter, it is of the highest significance that you must create the contents of your letter that is tailored to fit your targeted recipient. One good thing is that you can find now academic help in the internet. It won’t be that hard anymore since everything has been laid out especially the basic structure in formulating a formal letter.

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