The Complexities of Modern Technological World

In the past few years that I have been here in Cebu, I noticed the never ending construction activities and I have seen a lot of skyscrapers here and there. Although not all building are notably high rise but still it involves financial support from a blueprint planning to a finished product. I particularly mention that because those constructions happened when there was global financial crisis and it seems Cebu is not affected. I guess they might have been using SEER Product Tools in estimating the project costs and in analyzing for any resource overruns.

And if that’s the case that they are using a new kind of project management toolset to analyze and test project variables then I understand why they are using this product.


Somehow, contractors evolve and adapt in the already complex state of building construction not to mention the tedious planning and implementation of safety at work site. And that they are following and implement the international safety standards.

So with the probability that the project costs may fluctuate and could go high, it is just right to use a project costs management software that would analyze and determine in achieving project objectives. Much more that it can be customized according to the customer’s specific needs or from an existing project template.

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