Unusual Things DONE!

Just lately, I noticed myself doing things I never thought I could do — nor even imagine myself or foreseeing myself doing strange things, for me, like this. I am sure, you are getting curious of what I am talking about.


I am playing Facebook games which is really eating almost all of my time. I can’t even blog nor do academic stuff because of playing a lot of online Facebook games. And the most recent that I am always updating is the Dragon City.

I have been invited to play Facebook games since I joined this social networking site but only these past few days that I have really tried almost but not all of the games. And telling you, these games are really addicting that once you started playing it – building your own identity, you wanted them to get even better every minute of playing it.

Hopefully, the soonest, I can fully get through with these online infection because this, as I have noticed it, do nothing good to me.

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