Cramming: Disadvantages and advantages

Cramming happens usually when it is the last minute or when the deadline is quite near. It happens to everyone whether it is at work or in school. Some people procrastinate doing some tasks while some are so busy they end up putting off other things during the latter part of the day. It differs from one scenario to the other. Others benefit from it while some people don’t do an excellent job because of it.

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Pros and cons of cramming

  • When people cram, there is a tendency of doing a mediocre job and the end result may not be as good as when it is done ahead of time.
  • Some people may forget important details of the tasks and end up doing a job that is not complete.
  • Procrastinating can lead to doing tasks later than expected and may seem like a sign of laziness also and can be seen as unprofessional by other people especially with work.
  • It can be pretty stressful to rush and worry about not finishing the task on time. It may cause a lot of headache that is not necessary.
  • Cramming can sometimes lead to people getting irritated or annoyed because they lack the time to finish important things.
  • Although it may also give people great ideas at the last minute. Creative mind sometimes provide ideas at the last minute when there is time pressure.
  • The adrenaline rush can sometimes provide different ideas that can help a project have a better content.
  • It pushes people to work together to finish a task that is needed at a certain time. They usually aim for the same goal that is way to do a better job.

It really depends on certain people whichever works for them—cramming or doing things ahead of time. It can be unhealthy due to unwanted stress. But some are very much used to cramming and still gives good results afterward. There are advantages and disadvantages of procrastinating and cramming depending on the scenarios or circumstances. It is a matter of dealing with it and ending up with a good result nonetheless.

This is a guest post by Ciel. She loves listening to Asian music, and strongly believes that music is the universal language. She enjoys working from home as a writer. Her current writing task is for nyt tag Hvidovre.

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