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For students who, should I say, have not been given “the gift and talent” to write essays and journal as easy in just like a wink as others do, it is really difficult for them to accomplish and complete their essay and other paper-works and requirements in school. I am not boastful enough saying that I have the ability to write thesis and other term papers, but what I am talking about is also based on my experiences as what I’ve seen and observed from my classmates since elementary and until college years, and even now in post graduate degree.

However, for these students, with the accessibility of almost all “instant” stuff online, one can make use of the free essays online to use as a reference and basis of their essay projects. They can also learn from these materials the guidelines in making a good essays and other papers.

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In fact, my mom once threw me a joke that if I’ll be teaching in school soon, I shouldn’t be giving students requirements that they can just easily grab the answers from the internet. Of course, the internet is just a supplementary tool in learning, and not just merely the primary material to use in teaching students.

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