Sunday Laugh-trip

M promised me that before I fly home, he’ll accompany me shopping for the kids. That was the only favor I asked him long before because I knew how busy he is in his new job assignment. But M didn’t failed me, he really accompanied me and even more that we watched the latest Filipino comedy movie entitled, This Guy’s in Love with U, Mare!.

This Guy's in Love with U, Mare!This Guy’s in Love with U, Mare!

As expected, though I was still having a hang over from school requirements and exams which was ended just on Saturday, our Sunday before shopping was made even a Sunday Laugh-trip.

The movie, This Guy’s in Love with U, Mare!, was really a laughable movie. LOL! I can’t explain more about it but I guess, it is better seen than comments or even segments of the film are shared.

Moreover, while shopping, I’ve a very elegant looking mens briefcases on sale – discounted price. I told M I want to buy one for him, but he refused because he might not able to use it then. I just skip staring at the briefcase then after he declined my offer.

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