To Watch “Taken 2” Alone!

I am not used to watch movies alone. But this time, I will really try myself to watch for the movie “Taken 2” alone.

Taken 2Taken 2 (image from

I am not a big fan of Liam Neeson, the leading actor of this film, Taken 2. But I just loved the story of this film and how much he truly loved his daughter from the first film of Taken.

Almost all of my friends here are busy and even M. I have no one to grab but only myself to accompany me in watching this film. Actually, what I really wanted to do is to stroll in the mall and watching movie is just my second plan to do. I am planning to sport for sound systems and musical stuff which I and my sister are planning to purchase. So as early as now, I need to canvas for the prices for each instruments for the two of us to maximally spare some budgets for those. I suggested for an online shopping of those musical instruments for my sister like the Fishman Amplifiers at musicians friend. However, though I will be the one to buy, she even advised me to compare prices from online shops to that of theĀ  shopping malls. But since I have no one to accompany me looking for these things tomorrow, I might as well watch movie alone. LOL!

Hopefully, I could really do and accomplish what I need to do before I fly home a week after next week.

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