A Week-long to go..

A week from now, I will be celebrating my natal anniversary. I don’t know how to feel it being too far from my family, my old and close friends and M as well. It’s like this is my very first time to celebrate it with my newest and immediate friends here.

I actually feels, right now, a mixed and puzzling emotions. I don’t know how to describe this but it’s getting more blurry as each tick of the clock push the day to the 24th of the month. I don’t even know where this feelings from — be it from the fact that I can’t celebrate and hold a party because of the fact that I can’t have much of the time to prepare for it and because of my tightest budget this time around; or is it from the feelings that a new challenges will be coming and sure to be more knee-jerking experiences.

Excitement TimeExcitement Time (image from fashionista514.files.wordpress.com)

I want to feel the excitement but many said, if you are too excited for an event or for a certain anticipations, that would never come or happen and it might just cause you to feel upset and uncomfortable then. Superstition, it might be, but I guess there’s nothing to be lost if I’d go with what I used to believe. Isn’t it right?

Well, well, well.. If you think this article is a bit confusing, you can’t blame me. I myself is getting puzzled on how to express my puzzling feelings and emotions now. I just type what I feel and think as of this very moment. But what I’m sure is that, a week-long to go and it’s already my birthday.

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