B.C. Rich Electric Guitar

Have I told you that music never tried loving me though I love music so much? Yes! I love to listen to any music and even dance with its tune but I still am questioning why music really hated me?

I joined choirs and musical groups since my younger years but the quality of my voice never improved. I can dance with any music but I can’t sing.

One of my classmates in medical school who has a musical band here in Metro Manila invited me to attend and join with them later today for a “gig” where he and his band will be playing. He even invited me to sing. I know he’s a good friend of mine but I found his invitation a bit upsetting since he knew I don’t sing. I actually frankly tell that to him — how I felt when he said that. He said he was just joking because even how much he’ll push me to sing, I would never. I just threw back him a joke that I might else rather play his B.C. Rich Electric Guitar. But of course, with his love of his instrument, he said to me that he never let anybody else touch his guitars.

That friend of mind has a lot of guitars. Not to mention, he owns a guitar that I first have seen online — the one looking like a B.C. Rich at musicians friend. It really looks like this image below.

At first while looking at the guitar, I never thought it was really a guitar. I thought it was only a house decorations. But when I confirmed it to him, yes, it really is a guitar.

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