Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

Hey hey hey! Just relax! It’s not because I am having this title of my post today, plus size mother of the bride dresses, I am now going to get married soon. But it’s not like that! I just actually wanted to share how I and my friend gotten really tired digging up stores and dress shops that offers plus size dresses for her mother since her brother will be getting married soon.

plus size mother of the bride dressesPlus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses (image from

The motif of the wedding will be apple green. The image above that I’ve shown here was the first online plus size dress that I’ve seen. But my friend’s mom is a bit conservative and she doesn’t want to wear sleeveless dresses. So we need to look for other dress styles for her mother to use.

Hopefully, a month before the wedding, we can come up with a plus size dress design for her mom.

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