Random Friday Rants #19

As I have mentioned in my other blog, Google seems to be very cruel to me, to my blogs this year. The year almost to set off though but there were no Page Rank improvement on my blogs but rather a demotion of rankings to most of them.

Yes! I did nothing with regards to optimizing my blogs and in link building. But is this a guarantee that blogs would really expected to get a lower page rank if not optimized provided with the new panda rules and tricks of Google? I don’t think so! Or perhaps I just really can’t understand the newest analytics on how Google ranks blogs and pages on the world wide web.

You might be asking why I am just deeply affected and enough to rant this. For the benefit of those who do not know yet, all my blogs are having its own domain, self-hosted and some are having dedicated IP. Having all these monthly and yearly payable, I need to profit over my blogs to pay for these bills not to include my internet connections and electrical bills as well. The worst thing, when any blogs’ PR lower, the tendency for advertisers to purchase any adverts on a blog is directly proportional. As the rank lowers, the value of the blog lowers, as well as income generation lowers. So how a blog survive then with this lowered rankings?

Random Friday Rants

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