Random Friday Rants #20

It’s another Random Friday Rants day. How’s your week so far guys? Hope today, this Friday, will be a very good day to us all! But of course, let me start the day with a rant here. Accordingly, it ain’t good but as what this meme for, I have to and I have a lot of stuff to rant about. In fact, I am confused and puzzled which is which and where to start about.

Random Friday Rants

Almost, but not all, of my books in school are original and new. Each new and original books has its own unique online access code to be used whenever the book owner uses the book’s app on his mobile or iPad gadgets. One time, there was a classmate of mine who borrowed one book of mine. She borrowed it for almost a week. Since she’s a close friend and a good friend as well, I assumed,I didn’t check the book right after she gave it back to me.

However, maybe two or so weeks later when I was about to use my book, I just noticed a scratched code of the book’s online access pass. I am pretty sure that I didn’t use the pass before since I planned to use it during internship; I kept it as is yet.

I am very saddened to see that scratched book pass. I didn’t expect a close friend, a good friend (who I assume she is) could do it to me. I have no proof that she was the one who did it but I am really really sure that before I lend my books to her, it was fine and no scratches on it. And I am also sure that after she borrowed my book, no one has borrowed after; not unless she lend my books to others. A very sad reality; this is!

Moreover, if you guys have something to rant about, feel free to share it here and please include the Random Friday Rants button which you can grab from here.

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