Random Friday Rants #21

Tomorrow will be my birthday. I shouldn’t be ranting here so negativities won’t ruin my birthday. Haha! I still believe in good karma, so I need to be good today for me to receive good luck and experience good vibes and waves on my birthday then.

But it’s time for Random Friday Rants, what should I do? Should I blog rants? Or should I just remain speechless even just for this rant day of mine? What do you think?

Random Friday Rants

Anyways, I have something to share. I want my room tomorrow, though I don’t have visitors to expect and also visitors are not allowed inside the room here in our dormitory, I still wanted my room to get fixed and anew tomorrow.  Laugh, as long as you want, but you can’t stop me from doing this because I want my special day to be exciting and heart-thrilling even if I will be celebrating my birthday alone.

I want to change the white curtains here. I want to use the red ones. Red is my favorite color, so I want to fill my world tomorrow anything but red. But I have a problem on putting up the red curtain in my room.  The room doesn’t have panels for tab top curtains. Unlike at home, we can easily change curtains from another because of the panels designed and built for easy changeability of curtains. I don’t know if I can push through this.  If not, I might instead wear something red tomorrow. What a frustrating day prior to my birthday today!

Anyway, if you have some rants to share, feel free to post it in your blog, grab and include the Random Friday Rants badge from here, and link it up on this post.

Happy Friday everyone!

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