Random Friday Rants #22

Thanked God it’s Friday (TGIF) and even more thankful for because it’s a holiday today in the Philippines!!!

I shouldn’t be ranting here cause it’s a holiday. Isn’t it? But since holiday for us is not really a time or a day to celebrate for because of loads of books to review and study, I take this day an opportunity to rant about it.

Random Friday Rants

Tomorrow is another exam day for us. So this holiday, instead of going out with friends, celebrate the stress-free day, today is another bookworm day for me. I should be going out with my old friends, as what we used to do in college, but I rather make this day more valuable in making the best of reading and learning more about the field of profession I chose. I am not blaming anybody for not having a holiday break for myself. But I am just expressing how I feel because it’s undeniable that anybody wanted a break. Isn’t it? I am just an ordinary lass, a human, who needs a day or two to de-stress. I am not really stressed, though, but what I mean is a day of carefree — just like those childish days when nothing to think but eat, play, eat, play and nothing more. But of course, as a grown up lass, and since this is the path I sworn to God and chose to become one, I need to face the ups and downs. For sure, things in this field of expertise I chose are not merely “downs”, but sooner or later, not just this day, the fruits of what I planted most often than not, are more of the “ups” I’d been longing to have.

So, guys, if you have rants to share, never hesitate to share it with me, with our blogger friends and in the blogging world. It’s one way to express our emotions. Feel free to post it in your blog, grab the Random Friday Rants badge here and link it up.

Have a blessed Friday everyone!

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