“Random Friday Rants” is Back!

It was six (6) months ago that I’ve decided to stop random Friday rants because I’ve gotten busy with my academic and personal lives that I could even almost always left my blogs behind, outdated. But I am not saying I have enough online time to spend for now though but at least, I could weigh and put balance on both online and offline obligations I am having.

Random Friday Rants

Anyways, I am officially having back Random Friday Rants today! You might be asking why, of course, because I have no other gateways to pour out my heavy heart most of the time but only in my blogs. I won’t make names. I just want to make my blog feel how I feel. In short, this blog could be my mirror emotionally. In a week, I might have a lot to rant, but I will sure to pick those most dreaded and deserved to be bombed out.

So, you guys, if you have something to share, to rant about, you can share it with me by simply grabbing the button of Random Friday Rants from here and include it in your rant post every Fridays and comment it here so I can feature/link your rant the following week.

Have a great week ahead!

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