Victoria Secret Package

I didn’t expect to receive any packages delivered by a courier at my doorstep yesterday during my birthday. No one has beep me that he or she has something that I could get surprised of on my big day.

Birthday Gift Package

However, at around 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday, I was at the hospital, the house helper sent me message via an SMS informing me that the LBC was there at home, looking for me for a package and needed my signature. Since I couldn’t leave the hospital, I just told her to receive the package and keep it first.

The jolly house helper kept on sending me SMS asking and seemed like teasing me if I really expected any packages on my birthday because I didn’t inform her before I left home that I will be receiving a package from anybody which I really used to do if and only if I expect a package so for her to keep track of any incoming visitors looking for me at home. I told her I didn’t and asked her who sent the package. She said I must be kidding and lying on her if I won’t tell her that I didn’t know who sent it and put a grinning smiley at the end of her message. Being pre-occupied of what I was doing in the hospital and her being so naughty even in sending SMS, I dropped her a call but she just kept on laughing, instead. I ended our SMS exchange with an angry message after that.

When I got home, she welcomed me with the big birthday gift package which I really didn’t expect to have. Even I was yet five (5) meters away from her, I already able to smell the scent of Victoria Secret mists. And yes, when I opened the gift package, I wasn’t wrong, it was indeed a Victoria Secret Package of mists and moisturizing lotion.

The Victoria Secret Package was sent by M, all the way from Dumaguete City. Included in the gift package was a birthday card and a sweet message from him.

I will try to post the images of the package as soon as I could have a longer free time. This time, what I can only do is to just write, post and publish articles. Pardon me for this.

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