Women’s Perfume: Marks and Spencer Adored Eau de Toilette

I am such a sucker of women’s perfume. I buy, collect, display and select what to use everyday. I can’t blame myself why I love shopping different kinds, brands and scents of women’s perfume because my mom is like that also. I guess, one can blame my mom. I am just like her — and accordingly, it runs in the family. LOL!

Marks & Spencer Adored Eau de ToiletteMarks and Spencer Adored Eau de Toilette (image from dooyoo.co.uk)

The image above, Marks and SpencerĀ  Adored Eau de Toilette, is the most recent addictive perfume I have. Aside from it’s very sexy bottle with a floral band on it, this violet-bottled women’s perfume is really a head-turner as experienced. Humbly sharing, a lot of my friends has already adored to this perfume as well.

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