Gifts To Expect This Holiday Season 2012

For the past Christmas and Holidays Season celebrations, the family used to have a semi-formal party. We prepare foods, as other families do, I presume and we also have a mini-Christmas program. Having a Christmas program, each of the family members is required to wear formal or casual dress based on the family’s motif. And the most exciting part of the said program is the exchanging of gifts. Perhaps, each of the members is expecting gifts for the holiday season.

So this time, I will share to you some of the gifts to expect this holiday season 2012. I mean, the gifts I expect to receive this holiday season 2012.

From Friends. Since the mid-week of November 2012, I’ve been receiving gifts from my classmates because we do weekly Kris-kringle. Most if not all of the gifts I received were photography-related which I really loved most. Some were fashion accessories which are also very helpful and fit to my personality.

From M. Last birthday celebration, he surprised me of a Victoria Secret package over my doorstep. I wonder if he’ll have me a lustrous diamond engagement rings? LOL! It aint time for that yet. I know M and he understands me, so no rushing up of things these time around. For now, I have no idea to what gifts to expect from M since he is really a very unpredictable man when it comes to surprises. I hate surprises though, but if M is the one to surprise me, I love it more than he expects.

From my family. I don’t think the family can still push through with the annual Christmas program and exchanging of gifts at home after what the typhoon Pablo has brought to us. If you haven’t read it over my Facebook status a week ago, the family had the first roofless night in our entire life. Though I haven’t experienced it myself since I was here in my new place, miles away from them, I can feel how grieving it was for the family and how traumatic for the kids that event was. But I don’t know how the family planned for the holidays to celebrate yet. But for now, the gift of having a tighter bond within the family members, the love, understanding and patience to each other are much more something to expect and celebrate for than receiving a physical gift from the family members. But for the kids, since they always expect one, and that was what we used to when we were small and at their age too, I might shop for them before I go home.

But in all honesty, what gifts I wanted to expect is not for myself but for the typhoon Pablo victims. I pray that they will be showered with shelter and foods this time around. And for my family who is also experience how harsh Pablo was, I would love to receive gifts anything that is very helpful for the repair of our house.

So, what about you guys? Do you have some physical gifts to expect this holiday season 2012? Can you share some?

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