Hip hop Dance Photography

I don’t know how to call it but the photo shoot for a dance that I was invited last time was themed Hip hop Dance Photography. Is there really something like hip hop dance photography? But if there’s one, this probably the first time I shoot for one.

Take a look at some of these images I took below.

Images were taken at the medical tower building. The team had a very limited equipment, even I myself, so we just made use of the facilities we could utilize inside the room. The room is just a usual lecture room, it’s not a dance training room which is equipped with dancing instruments from whole body mirror, dance mats, galaxy audio as-1100-4 device for TV monitor, sound system and more. Simply put, it’s plainly nothing but a chalkboard and an arm chair.

Anyway, I am not sure if these are looking “acceptable” to the dance team. I am afraid to their possible reactions — if they don’t like these images, what should I do then? Sad Smiley And oh, I didn’t show here all the images coz it might take me years to post all here. I just share some of what I liked most.

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