Photo shoot Invitation

I know my knowledge and ability in photography is not that comparable to many yet. I can say that photography just started as a simple hobby which turned to be part of my blogging, which I didn’t expect to earn, and turned to something that made people cherish and value each photographs I captured from them. It’s not something that I could make a living, but at least, I know that in every click of the shutter of my camera, a smile or any emotion it captures, almost always bringĀ  something memorable to people I captured from. Accordingly, even how bad to others the things you do, for as long as it has the heart to do something, it always comes out to be the best.

For now, and as always, I am invited for a photo shoot for a dance team in medical school. I didn’t expect that the group was serious enough to invite me for their group pictorials for the coming medical school competition. I just thought it was a hear-says since only a friend of mine invited me who is not a member of the dance team. But three (3) days prior to the day of photo shoot, when the head of the team approached me if I won’t be busy on that said day, though we are friends, I was at first hesitant to accept the invite. I first told her that I’ll check my schedule first. But the funniest of all, she also checked my schedule so for me not to be able to decline her. Taunting Smiley

Hence, for now, I am hooked for the dance team’s photo shoot and I need to get Deborah ready for this event. I will share to you some images soon after the photo shoot. Camera Emoticon

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