Random Friday Rants #23

Even though the family has experienced having the roofless night, which was the very first time we had, and hopefully the last one too, I am still very thankful for the Lord God that all of my family members are still in good health and intact. No one was badly hurt, physically at home.

I guess this is one thing I should be thankful for this Friday, Thanked God it’s Friday (TGIF) and the Lord’s power to heal each land which were badly hit by the typhoon Pablo is still strong to face new tomorrows.

Random Friday Rants

It’s another Random Friday Rants today but I don’t want to rant. I don’t have any reasons to blab about the recent calamity the country had. I know He has reasons why this crisis happened to the Filipinos. But I am pretty sure He just wanted us to bring back to Him the thoughts and deeds of Filipinos. Accordingly, problems in life is just a way of God to reminds each people that we have been too far from Him. Too far means we have been busy with our physical life — busy living to be rich, to have mansions, to have luxurious life, but we forget our spiritual life with God which is more important than any other wealth in this material world.

I am praying and hoping that this crisis could make every Filipino wake up from what really God wanted for us.

By the way, do you have something to rant? Feel free to share it with me by grabbing the Random Friday Rants badge here and link it up. Happy Friday! God bless everyone!

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