Random Friday Rants #24

Yehaw! Cheering Smiley It’s another thankful Friday, hence, Thanked God it’s Friday (TGIF) and a new day for Random Friday Rants as well. I’d been thankful for the Lord God these past days for all the blessings and guidance He has showered unto me and I have nothing to rant about.

Random Friday Rants

If you haven’t read my post about the roofless night caused by typhoon Pablo, I suggest you to read it now so at least you’d know what I am talking about in my proceeding topics in this post. Yes, though the family experienced the said traumatic event in the country, I myself is believe that this is only one of the many ways God wanted His people to do goodness and to come back on His arms. And I also believe that God has His own reasons for every tests He gave and He don’t test people which we, His people, can’t carry the loads and burden.

For now guys, I have nothing else doing but praying to Him and to our Mother of Perpetual Help that every victim of typhoon Pablo, not just my family, friends and relatives, be blessed with strong heart and faith to fight for this untimely test of time. And to those who have a brilliant hearts voluntarily extending what they could share, thank you so much and hoping and praying for you guys to have more blessings coming.

So guys, if you have rants or any stories to share, never hesitate to share it with me by grabbing the Random Friday Rants badge here and link it up. Happy Friday! God bless everyone!

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