ROOFLESS Night caused by Typhoon Pablo

When life is getting too harsh and everything seemed to be a dark horizon and feeling no reasons to breathe more, I always ask myself and the Divine One why am I still here wide awake and why is it me to receive and experience these and that? I am pretty sure it’s not only me who has questioned God “why me” during these times. Isn’t it? But that was long before, before I was too immature to think of how God and my family brought me to the world of maturity, loving and such a patient one.

With the recent devastation brought by the typhoon Pablo to the country, the family is one of the many typhoon victims who lost their houses, agricultural source of income and living. It’s pretty worrisome to think that, whether you believe it or not, the family had the very first ever roofless night in the midst of typhoon just an hour or two after it started pouring out heavy rains and whispering winds. It has washed out the house’s concrete roof. Just imagine how the waters came inside the house after the roof were detached. Though there were no flooding, but the interior of the house, all of our stuff were truly wet. From clothes kept at the shelves in each bedrooms, kitchen wares and to all electronic gadgets at home which include even my father’s mobile phone, they all were bathed by rain waters.

Knowing that incidence and the fact that I am far from my family really caused me to feel guilty. I couldn’t do anything to comfort my family. And because there were no electricity, I can’t call and talk with them on phone as often as I wanted to. I really feel sorry.

I hope that before the Christmas day, the family be able to recover, not just my family but all of the other families in the country who are experiencing the crisis brought by typhoon Pablo.

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