Welcome December 2012!

Yay!!! Smiley December 2012 is here and talking about it, holidays and a lot more gift-giving events are coming. And I guess, it’s not just me who is much exciting about this but most of us. Isn’t it?

But before coming to holiday celebrations, allow me to celebrate one of my nephew’s birthday today, Didong. Yes! You heard it! Today is Didong’s 6th birthday. According to my sister, Wewee, who is also Didong’s aunt, and who happen to work out for some of the preparations for the birthday bash of Didong, this year’s theme for his birthday is Avengers.

If you happen to follow me here, and in my other blog, the Parenting and Kids-related blog, Mommy Gagay, you would surely know how Didong is getting addicted to Avengers and other kiddie cartoons. This perhaps the reason why her mom, my sister Bait, decided to push through with the said theme for Didong’s birthday.

I have no updates of the birthday yet, by far. But a day or two later, I’d surely share to you how they celebrated the birthday of Didong.

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