From Old Video Tapes to DVD

Special occasions and celebrations are essential in our lives. We spend so much money for these events to make it meaningful and lively. There are lots of reasons to celebrate such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year, thanksgiving, JS prom, Christening, Halloween, farewell party, welcome party, graduation, anniversary, family bonding or reunions and many more to mention. In these celebrations, it is important to capture different moments and happenings using camera or video cam.

Before people used video tapes to watch their personal videos and different kinds of movie in Betamax player or in VHS, now people use the high technology DVD players.

Although many people were able to capture some scenes and shots of their special occasions before, they cannot able to watch this now, because old films in video tapes cannot be played on DVD players. In addition, Betamax, VHS-C and VHS are obsolete and our market today sells DVD players.

Good thing that there is a solution to this problem, because 8mm film conversion to DVD is possible today. Old video tapes are now being converted to DVD. This is a good reason to celebrate and everyone will be happy, because people can now have unlimited watching time, from their old video tapes to DVD.

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