My Youngest Sibling — Baby Keneto

If you’ve been following my blogs for years now, or any of my pages online, you probably knew how I and my family loves pets much. We have different kinds of pets; name it and I’ll let you see them, kidding aside. But yes, you heard it, in fact, many said our house is like a mini zoo being surrounded with pets. And the most loved, and my second favorite next to Kenet, is her son, Keneto.

No need to wonder why he named such. Surely, you got it already. I was just so lazy to think of pet names to name Baby Keneto. So just that. He’s Baby Keneto. He was born on October 16, 2012 to Kenet, a Japanese Spitz and Sam, a Shih Tzu.

Baby Keneto is considered the youngest sibling, the youngest member of the family, by far. He is really loved. He’s so sweet. Obviously, the fluffiest of all and the emotera.

I am sharing this for Blog Photo Challenge (BPC) hosted by RARed Photography.

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