You’ve Made Me Stronger… breaking my heart.. You ended my life and made a better one start.. Smiley You taught me everything from falling in love to letting go of a lie.. Smiley Yes, you made me stronger.. Baby, by saying goodbye.

Opps! I am not singing this because of negative things happened. But instead, I am just having good time swaying my body with the tune of this song. I often time didn’t mind the meaning of the song but only the music, the tune of this song.

That’s actually the best when it comes to music that I can do — dance and dance alone. I don’t have the golden voice. I don’t even know how to string Epiphone guitars or even just those ordinary ones. I don’t know how to tone my fingers with those piano keys and more. So during my ’emo’ moments, what I usually do is just listen to any music that could define my feelings. At this very moment, this song is what I am listening at. Smiley

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