Changing Lifestyle: SMOKING, No More!

As mentioned in my health blog, it is not easy to abruptly cease from smoking especially for people who has been smoking more than 10 years and consuming a pack or more a day. It is because of the withdrawal symptoms that are much more difficult to handle than being used to smoking.  The urge and eagerness to smoke more than the usual sticks of cigarettes are just some of these symptoms which more often than not would result to a more complication to the patient psychologically.

 The recommended solution, by far, for these people who have decided to cease smoking is to gradually reduce the number of sticks to smoke per day. In this way, the amount of nicotine needed by the body is steeped until it diminished. According to patients who had done this they only have had minimal withdrawal symptoms felt like headache and drowsiness and it didn’t even last longer. Psychological problems like the urge to smoke more sticks wasn’t experienced as well.

Changing Lifestyle: SMOKING, no more!Changing Lifestyle: SMOKING, No More! (image from

Moreover, when electronic cigarettes were made available in the market, many smokers has changed their smoking habits from tobacco sticks to e-cigarettes. According to the online electronic cigarette reviews as well as smokers’ feedback, these e-cigarettes contain lesser to no nicotine amounts in their cigarettes. Most of these are just vaporizers or inhalers that produce an aerosol mists. These cigarettes contain liquids that are glycerin-based solution and are flavored which act as stimulants for the smoking act.

Though there are no evidences yet from the health practitioners published proving the helpful ways in smoking cessation of e-cigarettes, users still claim the benefits of these inhalers to them. For people who used to smoke, there is still nothing more helpful for you to stop smoking but only your personal help to yourself and courage to say ‘bye’ to cigarettes — the best way to change lifestyle, I guess. And for those who hasn’t started popping cigarettes sticks yet, I advise you not to try even once. Cigarette smoking still is bad for your health and to people who can inhale the smoke you popped.

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