College Coursework

When it comes to college coursework, there’s just one thing that always and first to pop out in my mind — the thesis that I have successfully done myself during college years.

College Coursework

Yes! It was very memorable for me and such an unforgettable one because of the experiences, lessons plus the sweat and tears I have shed for that such paper requirement.  That time, each graduating student taking Bachelor of Science in Biology was required to complete an experimental natural science-related study or research. Each of us before was given the opportunity to choose what field of study we were going to focus on researching like cell biology or ecology. The field of study didn’t matter for as long as each student can complete the thesis within the two-year or four-semester allotted time before the student graduates.

In my case, I personally chose ecology, specifically on the study of insects or entomology as the field of research. Aside from the fact that I am fascinated in learning more about insects, it so happen that the university professor who was my thesis adviser had an on-going funded research on insects in some areas in Agusan del Sur. Thence, when he discussed the project to me, I didn’t hesitate to accept the said project. And it was really a great opportunity for because the project was funded and the study area was just near my hometown, in Agusan del Sur.

The experiment per se was the most momentous of all, But the most challenging is when you need to make all the experiments and results in words, in papers, in thesis. Yes, and I guess, that was where almost but not all of us really experienced hard time making all the objects, figures and analysis available into readable and reproducible materials.

But nowadays, these paper works are all just made easier for every college students since there are already available custom writing services online that could surely help any student in their paper or any college coursework.

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