February 2013

It’s the last day of February 2013, but it seemed like just yesterday I celebrated new year with my family, and now, I am looking forward for the holy week already? Whaaaaaaaaat? Can anybody tell me how all those days went through? I couldn’t realize how I survived January 2013, and much more February 2013?

February 2013

Oh now I remember, my February 2013 wasn’t much sweet as how everybody looked forward or celebrated the month of hearts. I don’t want to feel like the most bitter but I just want to share how exams could make your Valentine’s Day 2013 the most unforgettable one. Oopps, don’t forget also the migraine, vertigo, sinusitis and everything else I am always blabbing about especially during sleepless nights of catching up for exams. Just imagine those stuff a day or two before, during and after the Valentine’s day plus the fact that your boyfriend is not around nor your family to celebrate a dinner, a movie or so, it seemed like my heart is literally wanting to fly to the province and just prepare simple dinner with my family then.

But well, I am still thankful for the Divine one for giving me strength to survive all these and still providing me and my family good hearts to do what’s the right thing and decisions and also for showering us the blessings that we all didn’t expect to receive — the unending love and support from each family member, our one-ness, our being a family. Just how I wish I could go home, if all things permit me to.

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